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A dog standing in the snow
A dog standing in the snow


Unknown - 03/03/2013

Owner: Lynne Freeman-Gassem

Truffy was a wonderful gentle giant. Mixed pit, boxer and great dane. I was walking in my neighborhood and from blocks away could see puppies being dispersed with ropes around their necks. As it turned out his whole litter was in a van with open antifreeze and were going to be sold for science experiments. A neighborhood dog owner found them and they were rescued by the police and distributed. By the time I got there, there was only 1 puppy left and a gentleman who wasn’t sure if he wanted him. He said he didn’t know what breed he was or how big he would get and I said…”If you don’t want him I’ll take him!” He was between 6-13 weeks at the time and he melted my heart. He helped me through a difficult time after 9-11 and was a wonderful creature who was loved by many and is missed terribly! The doctors and staff at AMC were wonderful to him & he was even serenaded during acupuncture.