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Grieving a Pet: How to Cope With the Loss of a Dog

August 17, 2018 | Source: American Kennel Club

For anyone grieving the death of a pet, the pain can be overwhelming. Many dog owners view their canine companions as much more than an animal — to them, they’re members of the family. Losing your best friend is heartbreaking and can leave behind a profound sense of emptiness and loss.

The Latest Scourge of Central Park: ‘Zombie’ Raccoons

August 12, 2018 | Source: The Wall Street Journal

The zombies have taken Central Park. Nathan Gamble saw one cross a Manhattan street in broad daylight, brazenly cutting off tourists and horse carriages. Then it walked along a path.

Can Dogs Eat Kiwi?

August 03, 2018 | Source: American Kennel Club

Available all year-round and loaded with more vitamin C than an orange and more potassium than a banana, kiwi is a sweet fruit that tastes good and provides an abundance of nutritious benefits. But, can dogs eat kiwi? If you’re snacking on a kiwi, it’s perfectly fine to share with your dog. Just be mindful … Continue reading Can Dogs Eat Kiwi?

Can Dogs Sense Pregnancy?

August 02, 2018 | Source: American Kennel Club

Because of their keen sense of smell, it’s believed by many that a dog can detect a change in a woman even before she does — but it’s mostly conjecture. “I suspect that dogs can smell something we cannot in a pregnant woman,” says Dr. Ann Hohenhaus, DVM, a staff doctor at New York City’s … Continue reading Can Dogs Sense Pregnancy?

Central Park raccoons dying

July 23, 2018 | Source: Fox 5 New York

In the last month, officials have found 26 dead raccoons in Central Park. A number of them were infected with the highly contagious distemper virus. Humans can’t contract it but dogs can.

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