Medical Oncology

A medical oncologist treats cancer patients with chemotherapy, biologic therapies, or other cancer-fighting drugs in order manage terminal illness, encourage remission (a temporary recovery) and in the best of circumstances, find a cure. Medical oncologists usually specialize in treating one or more types of cancer that occur in a specific organ or tissue, organ system or region of the body. The medical oncologist is also responsible for coordinating the patient’s overall treatment plan.

Our Approach

At AMC, patient care is a team effort. Medical oncology works in concert with diagnostic imaging, surgery, radiation oncology, integrative medicine, pain management, and pathology to create a comprehensive plan with one simple goal in mind – the best outcome for the pets you love.

Treatment Methods

We offer a number of therapies including chemotherapy (treatment with cytotoxic or “anti-cancer” drugs), immunotherapy (stimulation of the patient’s own immune system to attack cancer cells) and clinical trials, designed to test new ways to treat, diagnose, prevent and manage symptoms of cancer.