July 03, 2018

Lucy the Hedgehog

Lucy the hedgehog

Lucy the Hedgehog

Written by Lucy’s owner

Lucy is our daughter who just happens to also be an African pygmy hedgehog. When we found her covered in blood, we rushed her to the AMC where she had an emergency hysterectomy. Lucy’s recovery was long and full of complications including renal failure, a bacterial infection in her stomach, a skin rash, and severe dehydration, which brought her back to the AMC for many additional doctor’s visits and overnight hospital stays. Everyone we worked with was absolutely exceptional and not only provided Lucy with top-notch care, but also eased our worries with clear, informative communication and genuine compassion during this stressful and emotional time. Lucy has completely recovered, and we are eternally grateful to Dr. Brown, Dr. Mattucks, the exotics team, and the entire AMC staff for saving our little Lucy, who they call their miracle hedgehog!

Lucy the hedgehog in a witch hat next to a pumpkin
Lucy the Hedgehog snuggling in a blanket
Lucy the hedgehog on a blanket