Schwarzman Animal Medical Center Launches First Ever Veterinary Assistant Appreciation Week February 14th – 18th, 2022

Invites Veterinary Community To Share Why They Love Their Veterinary Assistants on Valentine’s Day With #VetAssistantWeek

Press Release

The Stephen & Christine Schwarzman Animal Medical Center will launch the first ever Veterinary Assistant Appreciation Week February 14th – 18th to celebrate and acknowledge the vital work of Veterinary Assistants. To come together as a veterinary community, the Schwarzman AMC invites practices nationwide to post why they love their Assistants on Valentine’s Day using the hashtag #VetAssistantWeek.

“The Schwarzman AMC’s Veterinary Assistants tackle their work with focus and compassion, and always have their patients’ best interests in mind. Their expertise and dedication to animals make our hospital run more efficiently,” said Jackie Mavros LVT, Chief Veterinary Technician at Schwarzman Animal Medical Center. “This recognition is long overdue, and more important now than ever. Veterinary Assistant Appreciation Week is an opportunity to celebrate the essential work performed by our Assistants.”

“The Schwarzman AMC Veterinary Assistants play a key role in coordinating patient care,” said Kathryn Coyne, President and Chief Executive Officer at Schwarzman Animal Medical Center. “On behalf of our colleagues and clients I want to thank our Veterinary Assistants for their unwavering commitment to providing the best care for animals, and for their contributions to healthy patient outcomes.”

The Schwarzman Animal Medical Center encourages participating practices to use the #VetAssistantWeek hashtag and follow AMC on social media to join the celebration:




In addition to recognition on social media, the Schwarzman AMC will celebrate Assistants throughout the week with appreciation meals, snacks, apparel, gift cards, raffle prizes, themed celebrations, and a presentation highlighting the diverse talents, passions, and hobbies that make AMC’s Assistants such valued members of our community.

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