Summer Tips for You and Your Pet

Here are a few tips for keeping your pets safe and healthy this summer!


5 second rule
Photo: Moon Valley Canine Training

5 Second Rule
Here’s a 5 second rule you may not have heard of: if it’s a hot day, place the back of your hand on the pavement. If you can’t hold it there comfortably for 5 seconds then it’s too hot for walking your dog! The solution? Take your dog for a walk in the morning and evening when it’s cooler to avoid burnt paws and discomfort.



July 4th Fireworksfireworks and pets
Humans may love a good parade and fireworks to celebrate the summer, but our pets? Not so much. Dogs aren’t the only ones who get frightened during by fireworks, cats may also be afraid of loud noises. Get tips for keeping your pet safe and happy.



fleas & ticksFleas & Ticks
What do trips to the beach, long hikes, and backyard adventures have in common? They all put you and your pet at risk for ticks! Read an AMC blog post about ways to keep fleas and ticks away from your home.



pet travelTime to use up those vacation days and plan a getaway! But what about your pet? Make sure you have a reliable pet sitter who is available to watch your pet while you’re away or plan in advance for your pet to join you. Learn more about traveling with your pet and register today for our upcoming pet travel event in August!