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  • Diagnostic Imaging
    Dr Audrey King

    Audrey King

    DVM Resident Veterinarian in Diagnostic Imaging View Bio
  • Anesthesia & Pain Management
    Dr. Kristi Kobluk

    Kristi Kobluk

    DVM, DACVAA Senior Veterinarian
    Specialist in Anesthesia and Analgesia
    View Bio
  • Avian & Exotic Pets
    Dr. Davia Kot

    Davia Kot

    DVM Veterinarian in Avian & Exotic Pet Medicine View Bio
  • Integrative & Rehabilitative Medicine
    Dr. Alexandra Kravitz of the Animal Medical Center in New York City

    Alexandra Kravitz

    DVM Resident Veterinarian in Sports Medicine, Rehabilitation, and Integrative Medicine View Bio