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Board Certified Veterinarians

AMC’s board certified specialists provide the highest level of care for your beloved companion animals.


AMC to the Rescue

Through AMC TO THE RESCUE, rescued pets like Toby can receive the critical specialty care they need to facilitate finding a forever home.

Avian & Exotic Pet Care

Avian & Exotic Pet Care

The AMC provides state-of-the-art routine preventative and surgical health care for birds and a variety of exotic pets.

What's New

2016 Intern Class

Each summer, The AMC welcomes a class of outstanding veterinarians to a yearlong internship. This year, 22 interns have been selected from a highly qualified candidate pool of approximately 250 applicants. These exceptional trainees will gain invaluable practical experience during their rotations through 10 of The AMC’s diagnostic, medical and surgical specialties.

Allogenic Stem Cell Study

This study is evaluating the use of adipose derived stem cells for the treatment of chronic kidney disease in cats. This study is using donor cat stem cells that will be injected intra-arterially, using minimally invasive techniques, into the renal artery of the patient for evaluation of renal function over the course of 1 year. 

One Health

Join us at The Animal Medical Center’s One Health Conference: Connecting Human and Veterinary Medicine, A Comparative Approach to Cancer Care on Saturday, October 3, 2015 at Weill Cornell Medical College.

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When we think about the Fourth of July we think about barbeques, parades and fireworks. Animal shelters think about how many extra lost dogs they will take in when frightened dogs run away to escape loud and unpredictable fireworks. Here are some tips to minimize your dog’s distress during the holiday weekend:

  1. Exercise early and long. A tired pup is less likely to be awake and frightened by fireworks. On the day of your local fireworks display, spend extra time...