Meet AMC’s Referral Coordinators

Referral Coordinators (RCs) work directly with each service and each rDVM office to ensure coordinated patient care and communication before, during, and after all consultation appointments and procedures. The RC acts as a point of contact for the rDVM community, helping them and their clients seamlessly access AMC services. The RC is an integral part of each service’s team, trained to follow their specific workflow and procedures while also acting as a practice liaison for the referring community. The RC communicates urgent medical information between doctors who may not be immediately available by phone and sends patient visit reports and results to rDVMs while facilitating communication between clients and AMC staff doctors. The RC also schedules appointments, collects medical records, presents estimates, arranges discharges, and answers client and rDVM questions. 

Please find the contact information below for each of the service Referral Coordinators. The team looks forward to assisting you and your clients!

Soft Tissue & Orthopedic Surgery | Daniel Spector, DVM DACVS-SA
Katherine Faugno

Soft Tissue & Orthopedic Surgery | Pamela Schwartz, DVM, DACVS, CCRP
Marina Timmerman

Orthopedic and Joint Replacement Surgery | Rob Hart, DVM, DACVS
Rachel Giacobbe

Emergency & Critical Care
Gladys Morales
Ashley Bliss
Jose Grateron

Ophthalmology and Dentistry
Monique Gonzalez

Cardiology and Neurology
Maria Jiron

Internal Medicine
Jen Perez
Michelle Gitter
Jerome Davison

Integrative and Rehabilitative Medicine
Nicole Bruck

Oncology Care Coordinators
Fazia Mangru
Eve Taylor
Stephanie Martinez

Avian and Exotic Medicine
Karryann Wiggins

Surgical Oncology
Brandon Roland-Maldonado

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