Postgraduate Education

Externship Program

AMC’s externship experience offers comprehensive exposure to a multidisciplinary referral specialty hospital. Candidates must be third- or fourth year veterinary students in good academic standing at an AVMA-accredited school of veterinary medicine.

AMC’s Externship Program will return in September 2021 after a hiatus due to COVID-19.


Internship Program

The AMC Internship Program is designed to provide qualified applicants with the opportunity to reinforce, extend, and refine their clinical skills and enhance their diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities. The large and varied caseload, combined with a high level of specialty support by experienced veterinarians and board certified veterinary specialists, creates an invigorating learning environment for individuals interested in private practice, residency training, or clinical research.


Residency Program

The Animal Medical Center is the largest postgraduate veterinary teaching institution in the world, employing more than 100 veterinarians and 350 support staff. The annual caseload exceeds 50,000 visits. The residency program draws upon AMC’s wealth of case materials for teaching and clinical investigation.