2023 Pet Holidays and Veterinary Awareness Days

National Bird Day

January 5, 2023

A woman with a pet bird on her shoulder

Birds hold a special place in any animal lover’s heart. From the affectionate clucking of a chicken to the bright colors and vocalizations of a macaw, these animals have long captivated the minds and imaginations of their human counterparts. But many bird species are under threat from human intervention, such as deforestation, the commercial bird trade, and neglectful ownership. The Avian Welfare Coalition claims January 5th as National Bird Day to bring awareness to these critical issues.

Don’t Neglect Your Pet Bird!

Pet birds are highly social and intelligent animals. Caring for a pet bird can be demanding, but also extremely rewarding as they become a beloved member of your family. The Schwarzman Animal Medical Center offers comprehensive veterinary care for all breeds of avian pets, from general wellness care to advanced surgical and medical treatments. Download our Pet Bird General Care sheet with guidance on diet, husbandry, and recommended veterinary care.

Enrich Your Pet Bird’s Environment

Help your pet bird thrive with simple household items and a fun crafting exercise for the whole family. Share your creations on social media with the hashtag #UsdanPetTips so we can share with our audience of bird lovers!

Download Enrichment for Exotic Pets as a PDF

Enrichment in exotic pets p1

Enrichment in exotic pets p1
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