Emergency and First Aid Kit Checklist for Pets

Updated: 4/17/24

Our pets are cherished family members, and their safety during emergencies is a top priority, whether it’s a natural disaster, power outage, or an unexpected event. An emergency kit ensures they’ll have what they need. Whether you’re building a kit from scratch or fine-tuning an existing one, let this handy checklist be your trusted guide. If you already have a kit, be sure to conduct regular inspections and swap out any expired items.

Download an Interactive Checklist

Pet Emergency Kit Category: Food & Water 7-day supply of food in an airtight container 3-day supply of water Bowls, liquid dish soap, manual can opener Category: Medication At least a 2-week supply of medication Dosage and administration instructions Category: Documents (keep in a waterproof bag) Microchip and license information Veterinary records with vaccination history Emergency contact list, including your veterinarian Photo of your pet (preferably with you) Category: Travel supplies Carrier or crate with your contact information Extra collar/harness with ID tags and leash Portable litter box and litter (for cats) Favorite toys, travel bed Category: First aid materials Antibiotic ointment Adhesive tape, scissors, disposable gloves Non-stick bandage/wrap Absorbent gauze pads Saline solution Styptic powder (stops minor bleeding) Instant cold pack Digital thermometer Towels and a blanket Muzzle