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Hours of Operation

The Animal Medical Center’s Integrative and Rehabilitative Medicine Service is open Monday through Saturday from 8am-5pm.


Please contact our client coordinator at 212-329-8610 to schedule an appointment with a therapist for rehabilitation sessions or one of the doctors for acupuncture, consults, and recheck exams. To guarantee appointment times, we suggest scheduling several appointments in advance. Recheck examinations are recommended after completion of a rehab package to assess for progress and determine the best treatment plan moving forward. The cost for the examination, repeat gait analysis, or any other services are NOT included in the rehab package. Patients receiving ongoing rehab therapy are required to have regular re-check evaluations to continue sessions.

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Cancellation and Tardiness

Rehabilitation and Acupuncture Treatments

Please notify us 24 hours in advance of cancellations for rehabilitation and/or acupuncture treatments via e-mail at AND call the appointment desk at 212-838-8100. Missed appointments that do not abide by this guideline will be charged the full session price. In the event of tardiness, please notify the rehab team via e-mail at or call 212-329-8610. We will do our best to accommodate you. Session length will not be extended beyond the allotted time.

Initial and Recheck Consultations

In accordance with hospital-wide AMC policy, all initial and recheck consultations require a minimum three day (72 hr) cancellation notice. Clients who do not provide appropriate notice for cancellation will be asked to pre-pay the full consultation fee prior to rescheduling.

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Pick Up / Drop Off Procedures

Please bring your pet up to the 8th floor and advise the desk of your arrival. We are not available to pick up your pet from the lobby. Please pick up your pet at the time the session is scheduled to end. A rehabilitation team member will contact you to review how your pet did during the session.

Rehab / Acupuncture Packages

Sessions can be charged on an individual basis or as a package. Packages are offered at a reduced rate for both 30 min and 50 min sessions. No refunds will be given on packages. Packages will not expire as long as the pet is coming at least once every other month for therapy. If more than 2 months lapse between sessions, a recheck consultation will be required prior to resuming rehab sessions. If more than 1 year has lapsed between sessions, the package WILL expire.

By initialing, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the policies above.

Referral Policy

Your referring veterinarian may send referral information via fax (212-308-1017) or email ( Referral information must be received prior to the date of the consultation. All pertinent records and radiographs are also required. At the time of the consultation, the rehabilitation doctor will evaluate your pet, make recommendations and answer your questions. A rehabilitation treatment plan will be written and sent to the referring veterinarian by fax or email. All questions or concerns regarding primary care will be directed to the referral veterinarian. We will not address any medical issues other than those related to the patient’s rehabilitation.

Photographs and Video

Pictures and/or video of your pet’s rehabilitation session may be taken by rehabilitation staff and e-mailed to you. These pictures and/or videos allow us to keep track of your pet’s progress. Occasionally, we may post videos on YouTube/Facebook/Instagram. Patient names will remain anonymous. We will ask for your permission before posting anything on social media.


Your pet will never be left unattended during a therapy session or at any other times. For the safety of your pet and our other patients, we keep interactions between patients to a minimum. All dogs will be kept on a leash while visiting the rehabilitation unit. In addition, your pet may be placed in a cage at times during the rehabilitation session for safety reasons. Rest periods may also be given during the session allowing your pet to relax and regain strength after a session. The cage dryers run by forced air and are also equipped with vents to control temperature and humidity. If you prefer, your pet can be towel dried. Please note that with either method animals may go home damp.


For the safety of your pet and to ensure water quality, we request that all pets be bathed within one week prior to using our underwater treadmills. You must also bathe your pet on a regular basis (at least twice a month) in order to keep their coat clean. Pets will NOT be allowed in the water if they have any symptoms of a urinary tract infection (UTI), diarrhea, skin infections, or open wounds. If your pet is at risk for a UTI, they must have a negative urine culture prior to using the treadmills. We reserve the right to refuse hydrotherapy for patients who have not been bathed or have medical conditions that would compromise their own safety (e.g. respiratory conditions) or the quality of the water supply (e.g. infections). In addition, patients must be free from external parasites and infectious diseases. Rehab reserves the right to refuse treatment in the event of contagious diseases or parasites to prevent spread to other patients. If your pet defecates in the underwater treadmill, we will notify you. If you choose to continue hydrotherapy, there will be a $100 fee if subsequent stool accidents occur.

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