What to Expect from an Exotics Appointment, Emergency Visit, or Hospitalization

The Avian & Exotic Pet Medicine Service at the Schwarzman Animal Medical Center

A bird being examined by a veterinarian

Thank you for choosing the Schwarzman Animal Medical Center for the care of your pet! The staff of the Avian and Exotic Pet Medicine Service look forward to working with you and your pet.

Our team specializes in comprehensive diagnostic investigation and management of diseases that afflict companion exotic animals. Your pet will be cared for by an experienced team of board certified veterinarians, Licensed Veterinary Technicians, and veterinary assistants.

First-Time Patients

At your first visit with the Exotics Service, we’ll discuss your pet’s overall health history and presenting clinical signs. Your concerns and observations about your pet are especially important to our staff, as they can provide critical information for diagnosis and treatment.

Your pet’s care will be supervised by a senior Exotics clinician, who will act as your pet’s primary care doctor. An experienced Licensed Veterinary Technician (LVT) will also be involved in your pet’s care and will provide updates to you by phone and email.  

If your pet needs additional testing, such as advanced imaging or specialty consultations, we may request that your pet stay with us during the day to facilitate care between our other specialty departments. Your Exotics care team will coordinate all testing and keep you informed with timely updates.

If your pet was previously seen by another hospital or veterinary clinic, please make sure your medical records are forwarded to AMC before your visit. Medical records should be sent to Client.Services@amcny.org.

If you are being referred to AMC by your veterinarian for diagnostic imaging or a procedure, please contact us before your visit at ExoticsTeam@amcny.org to discuss fasting procedures, as it varies by type of animal. Improper fasting can be harmful to some patients.

Emergency Visits & Hospitalized Patients

The Schwarzman Animal Medical Center sees up to 100 emergency patients each day, including exotic pets. If your pet is experiencing an emergency at any time, please bring your pet to our emergency room immediately. Our board certified Emergency and Critical Care specialists will triage your pet and offer treatment options, which may include hospitalization and transfer to the Exotics Service. You can bring some of your pet’s familiar food if an extended day stay or overnight hospitalization is required.

If your pet is admitted overnight as an emergency, the Exotics Team will update you by phone the next morning about your pet’s condition and discuss diagnostic testing and treatment plans.

All Exotics Patients

Thanks to AMC’s unique, collaborative care model, your pet benefits from the expertise of our 20+ specialties and services, such as Dentistry, Neurology, and Cardiology. In the event that your pet requires additional testing or consultation, we will do our best to accommodate same-day procedures, though it may not be possible in all cases. In all cases, your Exotics care team will work with you to schedule your pet’s care as efficiently as possible. Thank you again for choosing AMC’s Avian and Exotic Pet Medicine Service. We know that your pet is a member of your family, and we appreciate your entrusting us with their care!

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