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What Does Derek Jeter’s Dog Tell Us About Our Own Dogs?

What Does Derek Jeter’s Dog Tell Us About Our Own Dogs?

Kane is a 100 pound Italian mastiff who was a 2014 Christmas gift from Jeter’s fiancée, according to the story on The Players’ Tribune. The story of Derek Jeter’s first dog gives insights to the process of selecting and caring for a family pet.
Gifting Pets
Kane was a Christmas gift. With the holiday season just around the corner, many families may be considering a pet as a Christmas gift. I don’t believe a surprise pet is a good idea because the pet recipient may not really be ready for a pet. Even if the family is in agreement about the addition of a pet, the busy holiday season may not be the optimal time to introduce a pet into the family. However, if the family is in agreement about adding a fur baby to their home and is planning a quiet holiday without travel, I could see where a new pet for Christmas might be a wonderful gift. Jeter’s fiancée clearly hit a home run with this gift.
Selecting a Breed
Jeter admits he has never had a dog, or any pet, for that matter. But his fiancée’s choice of an Italian mastiff was not surprising. The story on The Player’s Tribune reports her family was fans of the Italian mastiff when she was a child. Just like many sports fans root for the same team year after year, many pet families become attached to the personality and look of a particular breed of dog or cat and always have one or more of their favorite breed adorning their sofa or pillow. I wonder if Jeter will return the favor and gift his bride an Italian mastiff as a wedding gift.
Be Prepared for a Routine
Being a novice dog owner who, by his own admission, was afraid of dogs ever since he saw the Stephen King movie Cujo, Jeter struggled to interact with Kane. In overcoming his fear, he learned what many experienced dog families already know, dogs need a routine, much like a professional athlete. Although he already knew about training as a professional baseball player, he also discovered successful dog training requires training both the dog and the human. You and your pet need to learn to work together or the relationship will never work. Sounds like Kane and the Captain make a good team.
Smitten, Like the Rest of Us
Despite his star power, Jeter is no less smitten with his pet than we are with ours. Based on the blog and the accompanying photographs, readers can tell the former Yankee adores Kane and yet realizes the commitment that comes with dog ownership. The website now has other pet stories written by professional athletes who are fans of their dogs, including Ryan Cady, offensive tackle for the Denver Broncos, and a Frenchie named Franny, owned by New York Rangers Captain Ryan McDonagh.
What I found most touching about these vignettes is, no matter who we are or where our talents lie, pets are the great equalizers.

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