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Three Living Legends Celebrated at Annual AMC Luncheon

Three Living Legends Celebrated at Annual AMC Luncheon

AMC Living LegendsEvery spring the Animal Medical Center celebrates three living legends, animal patients whose lives were saved by the veterinarians and staff of the AMC. On Tuesday May 17th, the eighth annual Living Legends Luncheon honored Elsa, Wynton and Ven.
A Living Legend Because of a Massive Transfusion
The first honoree was, Elsa, a petite German shepherd mix. Doing what every dog loves, a game of stick in the park, she sustained an injury to her mouth that led to massive hemorrhage. The hemorrhage was so severe that she was near death and required replacement of her entire blood volume prior to emergency surgery. Repairing the lacerated blood vessels required ligation of the largest blood vessel in Elsa’s neck to interrupt the flow of blood to the bleeding vessels in her mouth. After multiple blood transfusions and surgery, Elsa required four more days in ICU to recuperate and now is back to being an integral member of her family.
A Living Legend Because of a Seven Story Fall
At the end of a long day at work, we are all anxious to arrive home and be welcomed by our beloved pets. But one day, Wynton, a two year old Russian Blue cat did not greet his family when they arrived home. They knew something was terribly wrong and tragically found Wynton seven stories below on the downstairs neighbors’ terrace, the victim of an urban disorder called high rise syndrome.
The downstairs neighbors were not home and it took a Spiderman-esque effort to retrieve Wynton from the terrace. Once his battered body was scooped up, he was rushed to the AMC. In shock, with multiple fractures of the pelvis and spine, Wynton was admitted to AMC’s ICU for 10 days of strict rest, followed by three weeks of medical boarding, during which time his fractures began to heal. Then Wynton was released to recuperate at home. Guests at the luncheon found Wynton extremely handsome and completely recovered thanks to AMC.
A Living Legend Because He Can Still be Someone Else’s Eyes
The third honoree is a bit different than the other two.  He is as loved as the first two honorees, but for his skills as a working guide dog, not as a pet. Ven serves as David’s third guide dog over the past 20 years. Ven developed a muscle condition that limited his ability to walk and left him in pain. Referral to AMC’s Tina Santi Flaherty Rehabilitation &  Fitness Service resulted in a program of treadmill therapy, massage, acupuncture and stretching combined with therapeutic ultrasound and laser treatments. Ven’s care was funded by the Frank V.D. Lloyd Fund for Guide Dogs which provides care for more than 200 different guide dogs annually.
Ven loves coming to AMC, which has restored his ability to work every day.   Ven’s story is different than the other two honorees in another way. Although his injury was not life-threatening, his recovery, engineered by AMC, saved his job as a guide dog and as David’s eyes.

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