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Veterinary Technicians In Action @AMC: National Veterinary Technician Week 2016

Veterinary Technicians In Action @AMC: National Veterinary Technician Week 2016

Veterinary Technicians at the Animal Medical Center perform a dental procedureThe theme of this year’s National Veterinary Technician Week is “Veterinary Technicians In Action.” The theme speaks to the role of veterinary technicians in the veterinary profession. During their training, credentialed veterinary technicians must show proficiency in the care of all species; those with feathers, fur, scales, and skin. Technicians are the backbone of the Animal Medical Center; without them,we would be unable to provide high-quality compassionate care.

What kind of action do veterinary technicians see?

Veterinary technicians see lots of action since they are involved in every facet of veterinary healthcare. They can be found in examination rooms, operating rooms and patient wards. View veterinary technicians in action at the Animal Medical Center.

How do veterinary technicians work with veterinary surgeons?

The operating room is a wonderful example of how our technicians impact patient care. Black Jack the cat describes his surgical procedure and how AMC technicians were active in his care as he moved to the operating room, recovery suite and finally to his spot in ICU. Just like nurses in a human hospital, our veterinary technicians made sure Black Jack was as comfortable as possible during his stay.

Where else do technicians work at the AMC? In the cancer clinic.

Like surgeons, oncologists depend on veterinary technicians for their patient management skills. Technicians administer both chemotherapy and radiation therapy treatments. They provide pet families education on topics like giving medications or using a feeding tube. This slide show highlights the actions veterinary technicians use when working with cancer patients.

Is a career as a veterinary technician for me?

A licensed veterinary technician is capable of offering care to all species and that’s a pretty AWESOME career! Opportunities abound for veterinary technicians to take action as part of the healthcare team. While many work in neighborhood veterinary clinics, they may also work in industry, the military, universities, research facilities, zoos, aquariums, and in any facility housing animals. Are you interested in the backstory about life as a veterinary technician? Learn about some of the challenges these dedicated professionals face and learn if this career might be for you.

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