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A Look Back at Lists of New Year’s Resolutions

Pet resolutions

A Look Back at Lists of New Year’s Resolutions

Pet resolutionsOnce again it is time for our annual list of New Year’s resolutions. I looked back at my previous posts written at the end of the year and noted a number of lists of New Year’s resolutions. Thematically, the lists varied. To help you easily pick your favorite resolutions from each list, I have collated them below.
The Standard List
The 2011 list of New Year’s resolutions for pets mirrored the common resolutions found on lists for people: eat healthy, lose weight, spend time with family and friends and stop putting off that overdue vet visit.
Since weight loss is such a popular resolution, I gave five tips for successful weight loss a couple of years later.
The Altruistic List
Most New Year’s resolutions are focused on one’s self. My 2012 list of resolutions focused on helping others rather than self-improvement. Using eco-friendly pet products, participating in animal-assisted therapy and giving of your time and money to support your favorite animal cause topped the list.
The Hybrid List
The 2010 list is notable for its amalgamation of self-improvement suggestions and philanthropic ideas. The most notable resolution was for you to quit smoking to improve your pet’s health.
My Favorite List
The 2013 list is my personal favorite. The list is a riff on the American Veterinary Medical Association’s guidelines for responsible pet ownership. What I like about this concise, bulleted list is that if every pet owner followed these guidelines, pets would be healthier, safer and every dog and cat would have a loving home. Profound and clearly a worthy set of resolutions.
You Hate New Year’s Resolutions
There are, I suspect, many who do not ascribe to the tradition of making New Year’s resolutions. If you are one of those people, then you might prefer to look back at curated animal news from 2013 or 2014.
Everyone at the AMC wishes you and your pets a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

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