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Wednesday, May 15th 11:30—2:00pm
The University Club of New York
1 West 54th Street
New York , NY 10019
United States

2024 Living Legends Luncheon

2024 Living Legends Luncheon

Schwarzman AMC’s annual Living Legends highlights some of the incredible work that goes on at our hospital every day while celebrating the unbreakable bond that exists between people and their pets. Each year we honor companion animals who survived seemingly insurmountable health challenges because of their owners’ love and dedication, along with the exceptional care and innovative treatment they received from our specialty veterinarians. We are grateful for your generous support, which enables AMC to continue the work that makes these very stories possible.


2024 Living Legends Honorees

Wednesday | Presented by Dr. Django Martel

Wednesday was found on the street by AdvoCat Rescue having suffered an unknown trauma. Her jaw had been broken and healed in such a way that the jawbone fused to her cheekbone, preventing her from opening her mouth. AdvoCat Rescue found a foster home for Wednesday, where she was able to get enough nutrition by lapping up bits of food with her tongue. AdvoCat applied for and received a grant from the Emma and Georgina Bloomberg AMC to the Rescue Fund to cover the cost of oral surgery. One of many charitable funds at AMC, AMC to the Rescue subsidizes specialty care to rescue animals whose health is an obstacle to their adoption. Dr. Django Martel operated successfully, surgically detaching the fused bone and allowing Wednesday to open and close her mouth normally. She is now happily enjoying life in her forever home.

Mingming | Presented by Dr. Mariel Covo

Mingming first came to AMC with an ulcerated intestinal mass that was causing her to be anemic. After initial hope that a series of blood transfusions could stabilize her for surgery, AMC clinicians realized her blood was incompatible with the blood on hand at AMC. Dr. Mariel Covo suspected that Mingming might have a rare blood type called “Dal-negative,” which turned out to be the case, but she needed surgery to remove the bleeding intestinal mass. Despite not having any compatible blood available, Mingming’s owner elected to go ahead with the delicate surgery to remove the cancerous tumor. The surgery was successful, but just a few months later, Mingming developed an autoimmune condition called IMHA, which caused her to become anemic and sick again. Fortunately, she did not need another blood transfusion and responded well to immunosuppressive therapy. Now, over two years later, Mingming is thriving and has not had a recurrence of her cancer or IMHA.

Tammi Terrell | Presented by Dr. Douglas Palma & Dr. Richa Dheendsa

A few years ago Tammi Terrell developed an autoimmune condition called IMHA and eventually went into remission. However, in January 2024, she collapsed and returned to AMC. She was hospitalized for 25 days with a condition called PIMA and needed an emergency splenectomy. The surgery was overseen by Dr. Douglas Palma and performed with amazing speed – it took only 11 minutes to remove Tammi Terrell’s spleen – which was particularly important since Tammi Terrell’s condition left her with a dangerously low red blood cell count, and she has the very rare Dal-negative blood type, like Mingming, that made her a poor candidate for a transfusion. Although Tammi Terrell was discharged days later, she soon returned with a urinary tract infection, which spread to all her major organs. In need of blood donors, that’s when Mingming came to the rescue. With Mingming’s owner eager to help another dog in need, and despite the risk to Mingming’s own health, she was able to donate a small, but vital, amount of compatible blood, which kept Tammi Terrell alive until more donors could be found. Three blood transfusions over three days sustained Tammi Terrell, while the IM team worked tirelessly to bring her infections under control and return her to good health.