Nicole Leibman,

DVM, MS, DACVIM (Oncology)
Role: Senior Veterinarian
Specialist in Oncology
Service Head of Oncology
Director of the Cancer Institute
Department: Oncology
Dr. Nicole Leibman of the Animal Medical Center in New York City

Dr. Nicole Leibman received her DVM from the University of Minnesota, did her internship at the Animal Medical Center, and completed her medical oncology residency at Colorado State University. She has been practicing clinical oncology for over 15 years in the New York metropolitan area. She joined AMC as a Senior Veterinarian in 2001 and has since conducted clinical trials and published results on the canine melanoma vaccine for both oral and digit tumors. Dr. Leibman has also studied the treatment of mast cell tumors in dogs and published several studies on the staging and treatment of this disease.

She is a member of Animal Cancer Investigation, which has allowed the Animal Medical Center to participate in several trials for canine lymphoma, utilizing monoclonal antibodies. She has recently completed a study looking at glutathione supplementation and absorption in dogs. She was awarded the Robert S. Brodey Memorial Award for Outstanding Clinical Science Research Project in Oncology. Dr. Leibman has ongoing clinical trials investigating immunotherapy for injection site sarcomas in cats. Currently, she is closely collaborating with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and NYU Langone Medical Center on a project looking at the genomic analysis of canine tumors.

Board Certifications:

Faculty Positions:

  • Oncology Residency Program Director


  • BA – University of Wisconsin-Madison, Wisconsin
  • DVM – University of Minnesota, St. Paul, Minnesota
  • MS – Colorado State University-Fort Collins, Colorado

Recent Publications:

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