Honor Your Pet

A small dog lying on a blanket
A small dog lying on a blanket

Arthur Baugh-Zale

04/13/2005 - 06/13/2016

Owner: Maria Baugh and Liz Zale

We were lucky to get Arthur, our beautiful female tricolor Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, when she was just over a year old. She was our first dog and was very patient in teaching us how to be good dog owners. We met so many of our wonderful NYC friends because of her, from our apartment building to the Pier 84 dog run and everywhere in between. Arthur loved to eat chicken, chase a tennis ball, wander around on grass and the sidewalks of Manhattan, and hunt for crab legs on the beach.

Arthur had many medical issues as her breed often does, and was well-known by the staff at AMC, who took such good care of her always. We were so fortunate to have ten amazing years with her and want to express our gratitude to all of Arthur’s friends at AMC for helping us to give her a good life.