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A Golden Retriever looking happy in the snow
A Golden Retriever looking happy in the snow


03/18/2002 - 01/31/2016

Owner: Lizabeth Burrell and Geoffrey Ginos

Raleigh was a marvel. Startlingly bright, he drew stares and elicited gasps at his size and beauty. But what made Raleigh truly special was his capacity to love. Whether as an irrepressible puppy frisking about our heels, a golden flash streaking across a meadow after a ball, or an elder statesman placidly enduring the attentions of neighborhood children, Raleigh radiated warmth and kindness and joy. He wanted nothing more than to be cuddled by the people he adored–who loved him back with equal force–while being extravagantly well-fed. We miss Raleigh terribly but are sadder still for the people who did not get to know him. Thank you, Animal Medical Center, for taking such good care of him