Honor Your Pet

A dog laying on a doggy bed by a pool
A dog laying on a doggy bed by a pool


06/08/2000 - 12/26/2013

Owner: Rob M.

TC came to me, as “Amor”, on 9/06/01. He was to become my new partner and defender of the people of NYC. His name was changed to “Tonto”, after all, a police k9 needs a proper name,and he began training. On 9/11/01, the world that we knew changed and so did his name. I named him “TC”, in memory of those that died in the Trade Center. His training ended in Feb.’02, and he began his career there. Nothing like putting training right to the test. His retirement came in May’12 at the age of 11 (much longer than most working k9’s). He was blessed with good health and determination to stay as long as he wanted throughout his career. Unfortunately, relaxing at the pool during retirement wouldn’t last. He was diagnosed with cancer, with a poor prognosis and conventional treatments wouldn’t help. My unending thanks to Wendy and Barbara for connecting TC with Dr. Leilani Alvarez and her team. Her knowledge of holistic treatments and her “magic needles” gave TC a quantity and quality of time that no one dreamed of. We, my family, TC, Clancy (my new partner) and myself, are forever grateful to you all. Thank You