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A small dog looking at the camera
A small dog looking at the camera

Zachary Bernard Covo

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Owner: Claudia, Mario, Dana, and Mariel

Zachary, a Cavalier King Charles, came into our lives when he was 3 months old. When he peeked at us from under a table at the breeder’s house and approached us with a wagging tail, we knew that he was ours. As his breed suggests, he was the “King” of our household. While Zack was not the most social dog, he was handsome, smart, and dignified. His shy personality often resulted in his hiding under tables and in concealed areas, as was the case when we first met him. Zack spent his first three years in Westchester where he would frolic in the backyard. He then moved with us to Manhattan where he was challenged by the concrete sidewalks, but where he grew to love life on the Upper East Side. In 2005, he became a big brother to Isabel, our Cocker Spaniel. While Zack’s serious demeanor contrasted with Isabel’s whimsical, feisty personality, they formed a bond of love and protectiveness. We enjoyed Zack for almost 14 years until he sadly lost practically all mobility and was ailing from heart disease. It was at the Animal Medical Center that we put Zack to rest and sent him onto a place of peace and comfort. Zack was a beloved family member who will be deeply missed and whose memories will be greatly cherished. Zack continues to live with us in spirit. We love you, “Little Man.”