Tammi Terrell

AMC Living Legend, Tammi Terrell
A few years ago Tammi Terrell developed an autoimmune condition called IMHA and eventually went into remission. However, in January 2024, she collapsed and returned to AMC. She was hospitalized


Mingming the Shih Tzu
Mingming first came to AMC with an ulcerated intestinal mass that was causing her to be anemic. After initial hope that a series of blood transfusions could stabilize her for


AMC's Dr. Django Martel with rescue cat Wednesday
 Wednesday was found on the street by AdvoCat Rescue having suffered an unknown trauma. Her jaw had been broken and healed in such a way that the jawbone fused


Elsa the dog being held up by her owners for a picture at an AMC living legends event
It was a regular Saturday morning in early spring. A fresh coat of snow lay on the ground, when Charles brought his nine-year-old Shepherd mix, Elsa, to Fort Greene Park


Wynton the cat sitting next to a closed window at home looking outside
Wynton is a strikingly handsome Russian Blue with inquisitive green eyes. He and his brother, Louis, are cool cats who were appropriately named after jazz greats because of their curiosity