November 05, 2021


A kitten


Written by Kamir’s owner

One day in 2003 a very broke Pratt art school kid in Brooklyn, NY rode their bicycle to one of their three part time jobs. When they were outside of their place of work they heard very loud crying which broke their heart. Upon investigation, they found a five day old kitten, eyes still sealed shut, with a deep tissue laceration across its back in a trash can next door. The kindly boss of the job had a sickly elderly cat, so they had an eye drop feeder and kitten milk on hand. When they tried to feed the wounded infantile kitten, she reacted with strength and vigorous hunger. The boss permitted the art student to leave work immediately to take a yellow cab to the Animal Medical Center on 62nd St.The reception rightfully felt it was best to put the kitten down, the poor thing being so young, so wounded, with no mother. But the art student said absolutely not, she was hungry, and she wanted to live. The on call veterinary technicians / reception acquiesced, and a very sweet, kind doctor performed surgery on the kitten, and the art student went home with antibiotics and special formula. Then… the great northeast blackout of 2003 happened. The art student procured ice from neighbors to keep the antibiotics cool and candles to keep the apartment lit, and the kitten lived on. The art student had alarm clocks set, and sewed “kangaroo” style pockets in their shirts, and brought the kitten to every three hour class so the kitten could be fed and cleaned every 2-3 hours.Eighteen years later, the kitten is now a feisty old lady, who has been a tremendously impactful emotional support animal, and the art student, now grown, wanted to reach out and tell everyone at the Animal Medical Center… Thank you. What you do matters. Some days, most days may be hard, but sometimes there is a happy ending.…..I recognize that what you do is not easy work. You see a lot of hardship and pain. You help so many wounded animals, or lay them to rest, also helping their human caretakers emotionally and spiritually. Please know what you do matters, and I, the art student, would not be alive today if you didn’t take the chance to help the clumsy younger version of myself, and the wounded infant kitten I found.

A kitten with a bottle
Petting a kitten
A cat with a birthday treat
A cat in sunlight