The Emma and Georgina Bloomberg AMC to the Rescue Fund Celebrates 10th Anniversary

600+ Pets, 140+ Rescue Organizations, and over $1.6 Million in Donated Care

Press Release

(New York, N.Y. – March 21, 2023) In 2023 the Stephen & Christine Schwarzman Animal Medical Center
celebrates the 10th Anniversary of the Emma and Georgina Bloomberg AMC to the Rescue Fund. Established in February 2013, the fund provides free or subsidized specialty care to rescue animals whose health is an obstacle to their adoption. Over the last decade the fund has helped over 600 pets, partnered with over 140 rescue groups, and provided over $1.6 million in donated care to help animals find their forever home.

“The 10th anniversary of AMC to the Rescue is an opportunity for us to recognize the great care and support this program receives from not only the wonderful rescue groups in our communities, but also from our amazing AMC teams. None of this would be possible without the generous supporters of this important charitable fund,” said Helen M. Irving, RN, MBA, President and Chief Executive Officer of AMC. “Working together, we are a stronger community. We see the positive impact AMC to the Rescue has had for pets and their families over the last decade, and it is exciting to think about what we can achieve together in our next ten years.”

“All of our veterinarians and support staff are ready and willing to offer up their expertise to help an AMC to the Rescue case and often times, it takes multiple specialties and services working together to provide the best treatment for a positive outcome,” said Ann Hohenhaus, DVM, ACVIM (Oncology), Senior Veterinarian and Director of Pet Health Information at AMC.

The fund was named The Emma and Georgina Bloomberg AMC to the Rescue Fund in 2020 in recognition of their generous support.

“It’s an honor to support the Animal Medical Center, an organization that has changed the lives of so many animals in New York City and beyond,” said Georgina Bloomberg. “By helping the AMC to the Rescue Fund, my sister and I are addressing a major obstacle in animal adoption and ensuring that the homeless animals of this city will have a better chance of finding the forever homes they deserve. Lack of funding for rescues and shelters to use towards vet services has always been, and unfortunately will always be, a reality. With this fund, AMC is helping to change that, and will save countless lives. To say that we are proud to have our name on this fund is an understatement. Thank you, AMC, for everything you do for the animals of this amazing city and for letting us be a small part of it.”

AMC will highlight several heartwarming stories of rescue animals that have been helped by the fund throughout the year. Cases like Shabba, an American Pit Bull Terrier mix who was surrendered to a shelter at age 3 due to a congenital spinal lesion that had eventually left him unable to walk. On the day he was to be euthanized, Mr. Bones & Co. rescued Shabba from the shelter and brought him to the Schwarzman Animal Medical Center.

Thanks to The AMC to the Rescue Fund, Neurology Specialist Dr. Abbie Lebowitz was able to remove the spinal lesion and restore his mobility. Shabba now lives in Florida with a family who adores him. Click here to watch a video on Shabba’s inspiring journey.

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