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Understanding Hip Replacement in Dogs: Insights from AMC’s Dr. Rob Hart

AMC surgeons perform a procedure
A couple of weeks ago I attended a lecture by my colleague Dr. Rob Hart, Director of Orthopedic and Joint Replacement Surgery at AMC. Not surprisingly, he spoke about hip replacement surgery. Being a medical type and not surgical at all, I found his presentation fascinating. Going into the talk, I had thought total hip replacement was primarily a treatment for hip dysplasia, but I learned there are more reasons for a total hip replacement and thought my readers would find these bits of information interesting as well.

Torsion and Volvulus in Dogs, Cats and Rabbits

An x-ray of torsion in a dog
Most people don’t realize it, but internal organs are not fixed in place and do have the ability to move around inside the body. When the movement of an internal organ involves a twist, the patient becomes critically ill because the twist cuts off blood supply to that organ. Internal organs can twist either on their long axis (torsion) or along their short axis (volvulus). The most common disorder caused by a twisted organ is bloat, or gastric dilation and volvulus. However, the veterinarians at the Schwarzman Animal Medical Center diagnose and treat a variety of twisted organs in dogs, cats and rabbits. I’ll discuss further in today’s blogpost.

What AMC’s New Surgical Institute Means for Your Pet

Veterinarians and clients celebrate the opening of AMC's new surgical center
With great fanfare, the Schwarzman Animal Medical Center held a “leash cutting” ceremony to mark the grand opening of the Denise and Michael Kellen Institute for Surgical Care. The press release describes 7,000 square feet of newly constructed surgery space with five operating rooms, a minor procedure room, and an anesthesia recovery area that separates feline patients from canine patients. The photos show a gathering of happy veterinary surgeons alongside grateful patients and hospital supporters. But what does the 7,000-square-foot addition mean for your pet?

Veterinary Miracles That Will Warm Your Heart this Holiday Season

A cat with a Christmas ornament
This time of year, we celebrate miracles of hope, faith and kindness. Hanukkah celebrates a second century BC miracle where a tiny amount of oil found in the Temple in Jerusalem miraculously kept lamps burning for eight days. Christmas celebrates the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ. At the Schwarzman Animal Medical Center, we believe in miracles too. In the spirit of the holiday season, I want to share just a few of them from AMC’s past, present and future.

Ask the Vet: Answers to Your Questions About Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome and Collapsing Trachea

Ann Hohenhaus examines a dog
Every month on Ask the Vet, radio show and podcast I host in partnership with Sirius XM, I answer listener question that come into our email box at This past month I had so many good questions, I could not answer them all and still talk with my guest, AMC’s new President and CEO, Helen Irving. Two of the questions were about common respiratory problems managed by AMC specialists. The questions and my answers can be found below.