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Take Diabetes to Heart: National Pet Diabetes Awareness Month 2019

A concerned looking dog looks at the camera

November is National Pet Diabetes Awareness Month, in addition to being National Pet Cancer Awareness Month. To bring attention to diseases linked to diabetes, this year’s theme is “Take Diabetes to Heart,” calling attention to the link between diabetes and cardiovascular disease. When two or more diseases occur together, they are termed “comorbid conditions” or


Shed Happens: Tips for Controlling Pet Hair in Your Home

For anyone with a pet, hair accumulating on your clothes, furniture and corners of every room in your house is a reality of life. Ok, maybe not quite everyone. According to the American Kennel Club, there are 13 breeds of non-shedding dogs, and there is also a hairless cat breed, the Sphynx. This unusual cat has very little to


Protecting Your Pet Against Winter Weather

After a balmy Christmas and New Year’s where many New Yorker’s turned on their air conditioning, winter finally seems to be here. With the arrival of winter, we get out our warmer clothing, the lip balm and the electric blanket. Pets, too, need special provisions in the winter months to be comfortable and safe.  Here are just