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The Spleen: Do Dogs and Cats Really Need One?

Anatomy of a cat
Through the centuries, medical practitioners have ascribed many functions to the spleen. In the Middle Ages, physicians thought the spleen produced black bile, the cause of melancholy. In later years, doctors believed the spleen served as a filter for the liver. Today, we know the spleen is an organ of the immune system. Removal of

New Treatments for Pets on the Horizon

A cat being examined by a veterinarian
Most people know the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is charged with approving prescription drugs for people and all types of animals. What would surprise many pet owners is the limited number of approved drugs available for pets. Many of the drugs used by veterinary specialists are human drugs that have been repurposed

Anemia Tails: Dog and Cat Anemia

A veterinary professional presses a stethoscope against a dog
According to VetLearn, a company focused on continuing education for veterinarians and veterinary technicians, one of the top ten articles they published in 2012 was on anemia in dogs and cats. If an article on anemia tops your veterinarian’s reading list, then your pets are perplexing anemia cases. I would guess you have questions about

Belle's Warning

Belle lives in a nice condo neighborhood just outside of New York City. Unlike city dogs, Belle has leafy trees overhead and green grass under her paws. To a city dog this might sound like heaven on earth, but as nice as country air and sunshine sound, there are dangers in Belle’s neighborhood. A sweet