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Canine Lymphoma: A Quick Snapshot

A microscopic view of lymphoma cells

Today, like many days I spend in AMC’s Cancer Institute I saw a dog patient diagnosed just a few days ago with lymphoma. What appears below is a summary of my conversation with the dog’s family about lymphoma and the options for treatment of their beloved companion. What is Lymphoma? Lymphoma is cancer of the lymph


"New" Cancers in Pets

May is Pet Cancer Awareness Month, with a focus on awareness and fundraising to help in the fight to end pet cancer. At The AMC, we believe that awareness and prevention are key to helping pets live longer, happier, and healthier lives. The AMC is thrilled to have recently received a generous grant from the Puccini Foundation


National Pet Cancer Awareness Month: Pet Cancer Treatment Options, Part II

A dog

November has been designated National Pet Cancer Awareness Month to raise awareness about the causes, prevention and treatment of dogs and cats with this terrible disease. To raise awareness of the possible treatments for pet cancer, this second part of my two-part blog on cancer treatments for pets discusses three additional treatment therapies: chemotherapy, immunotherapy


Get Well Tuxedo Stan: Political Cat Suffers from Renal Lymphoma

A black and white cat

Disclaimer: I am not Stan’s veterinarian and I have not reviewed his medical information nor talked to his doctors. Since lymphoma is the most common tumor of cats, all veterinary oncologists have a good deal of experience in managing this disease. There are many talented cats who blog. Because I am partial to black and


National Pet Cancer Awareness Month

November is a busy month. Not only is it National Diabetes Month, but it is also National Pet Cancer Awareness Month. Cancer and diabetes are two important diseases the veterinarians at The Animal Medical Center treat every day. According to VPI, a pet insurance company, their top ten insurance claims for pet cancer treatment include