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Immune Mediated Disease: What You Need to Know

A dog lying down
The body’s immune system is a host defense system in both people and pets. But I bet you don’t often think about your own immune system. There are several reasons the immune system is harder to wrap your head around than other body systems. You hardly know the immune system is there unless it doesn’t work.

Everyday Medicine: The Third Eyelid

A close up of a dog's eye with the third eyelid exposed
Everyday Medicine is an intermittent series of blog posts highlighting tests, treatments and procedures commonly used at AMC. Some past examples of this type of blog post include “Vital Signs” and “The Highs and Lows of Blood Sugar.” The other day I was examining a dog’s head. As part of the exam, I pushed on the

Why Your Dog Smells “Doggy”

A dog covering its face with its paws
Ask a veterinarian what is one of the best smells in the world and many will answer without a moment’s hesitation: puppy breath. Hardly anyone can resist the fresh scent of a new puppy, kind of like the smell of a new car. But, as your dog grows up, he loses that delightful smell and

Why Would I Want to Take My Pet to a Veterinary Teaching Hospital? 7 AMC Myths Dispelled

Pet families have many choices when it comes to pet healthcare providers. In New York City, the neighborhood veterinarian is convenient for routine care, but emergency and specialty care may require travel. In addition to the inconvenience of travel, pet families may be apprehensive about coming to a large, teaching hospital like AMC, where, in

Six Characteristics of Clients that Improve Their Pet’s Healthcare

Veterinarians spend as much time working with their patient’s human as much as they do with their animal patients. Sometimes, pet families can help increase the quality of their pet’s medical care by modifying their uniquely human behavior. Here are six traits which you can modify to improve your pet’s healthcare. 1. Patience Your pet