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Dogs and College

When I think of college, the presence of dogs is not one that comes to mind from my college career several decades ago. These days, if you visit a college campus, you might well run into a number of dogs who are critical members of the college community. Dogs for Freshmen If you are the


Three Living Legends Celebrated at Annual AMC Luncheon

Every spring the Animal Medical Center celebrates three living legends, animal patients whose lives were saved by the veterinarians and staff of the AMC. On Tuesday May 17th, the eighth annual Living Legends Luncheon honored Elsa, Wynton and Ven. A Living Legend Because of a Massive Transfusion The first honoree was, Elsa, a petite German shepherd


Working Dogs Show Off at Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital

Recently, some of my colleagues from The Animal Medical Center and I participated in the second annual Working Dog Expo at Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital in upper Manhattan. This unique event, sponsored by Angel On A Leash, brings working dogs into the children’s hospital for demonstrations and petting by hospitalized children, their parents, and other