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News from the Service Dog World

A service dog
September is National Service Dog Month. We have all seen those hard-working service dogs out in our communities. A service dog is one that has been specially trained to help someone with a disability. Service dogs serve various purposes, such the guide dog for those who are blind, or a dog who works for someone


November is National Diabetes Awareness month. While dogs and cats both develop diabetes and veterinarians treat diabetic pets with insulin, I am not going to write about treatment of diabetes in pets. Instead, this blog will focus on the intersection between human diabetes and dogs – diabetes assist dogs. Dog Noses as Diagnostic Tools Dogs

International Assistance Dog Week

This week, August 4-10, is International Assistance Dog Week. It is a week dedicated to honoring those dogs who work as therapy and service dogs for the physically and mentally challenged. The Animal Medical Center and its veterinarians have a special place in our hearts for a very specific type of service dog, guide dogs.

9/11: Ten Years Later

A K9 search and rescue team on 9/11
Sunday marks the 10th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States. Here in New York, the collapse of the World Trade Center towers and the tragic loss of life at Ground Zero left its mark on our home and our hearts. Even though the Twin Towers housed businesses, brokerage firms,