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Tips for Using the Internet Wisely: Pet Healthcare

I can spot an internet-savvy client a mile away. They usually have a ream of computer printer paper poking out of their handbag or stuffed in the storage pocket of their cat carrier. If the pet owner has consulted a good website, my job is easy. We can have an informed discussion of their pet’s

Managing Tracheal Collapse in your Dog

A dog in an oxygen tank
A Facebook friend of The Animal Medical Center posted a question asking how they might prevent tracheal collapse in their dog. Unfortunately, tracheal collapse may not be preventable, but dog owners can help lessen the impact of a collapsing trachea on their dog’s quality of life. Since tracheal collapse is an important problem in dogs

Ruptured Air Sac: A Unique Bird Disease

An x-ray of a bird
In 1984, The Animal Medical Center established one of the first Avian and Exotic Pet Services in a veterinary specialty hospital. At that time, the patients seen by the Avian and Exotic animal veterinarians reflected the most popular exotic pets such as ferrets, iguanas, and exotic cats. Over the years the popularity of various pets

Spa Day for Kittens

up close shot of a dark spot on cats ear
Abyssinian kittens Elizabeth Barbara and Moby came to The AMC for a spa day of sorts. Below, you can watch a video of Elizabeth in the tub. Readers of Fur the Love of Pets know these kittens from their debut in the “ABC’s of Feline DNA.” When their owner called to alert me of a

Winterizing Your Pet: Cold Weather Tips for Your Dog and Cat

Cold weather presents a number of hazards for your pet. Some are related to cold weather and some to the escape to warmer climates from colder ones. If you are a SiriusXM subscriber, these comments are taken from my December 30 interview on Samantha Heller’s Diet and Exercise program on “Dr. Radio,” powered by the