Urgent Care Fast Track

About Urgent Care at AMC

You should never have to choose between your safety and your pet’s health. That’s why the Schwarzman Animal Medical Center is launching a new Urgent Care Fast Track for your pet’s immediate medical needs. Drop your pet off with our experienced team of emergency veterinary specialists for fast, contact-free care that ensures everyone’s safety.

No appointment necessary!

Fast and Contact-Free Care

With updates by phone, all visits now occur without clients ever needing to enter the hospital. While your pet is at AMC, clients are encouraged to maintain social distancing in our large outdoor reception area, in your car, at your home, or anywhere that is most comfortable to you.

Access to a Level 1 Trauma Center and World-Class Hospital

If your pet’s medical condition turns into a true emergency, they are already at a level 1 trauma center that is fully equipped to handle any type of emergency. Our patients also have access to our allied specialists across the hospital, ensuring quick and collaborative multi-disciplinary care, if necessary.

24/7 Care from Board Certified Specialists

AMC’s Urgent Care team is supervised by board certified specialists in Emergency and Critical Care and is staffed by emergency medicine veterinarians with advanced training in emergency and urgent care.

24/7 Urgent Care Hotline

Our experienced ER staff is on hand to answer your questions before you arrive at AMC. Call us 24/7 at 212-329-8608. No appointment necessary!

A New York Institution

AMC has been a trusted New York City institution for 110 years with over 20 specialties and services under one roof. By choosing our Urgent Care you are ensuring your pet receives the best care possible.