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Household Cleaning Products: A Pet Danger

An x-ray of a foreign body in a pet's stomach

It’s spring cleaning time, but if you have pets please clean cautiously since some of the most common cleaning agents can be toxic to your pet. Birds are especially sensitive to the fumes from household cleaning agents. Chlorine bleach has an extremely wide spectrum of activity against common bacteria and viruses. Its low cost makes


Pills and Poison Prevention

Last week was National Poison Prevention Week and the 50th anniversary of this poison prevention campaign. The theme for the 2012 National Poison Prevention week, “Children act fast, so do poisons,” could also be: “Pets act fast, so do poisons.” Here is the story of Sadie, a beautiful 9-month-old Weimaraner who acted fast and almost


The Danger of Xylitol to Your Dog and Ferret

A ferret

My regular trip to the grocery store this week brought a health risk for dogs and ferrets to the forefront of my mind. As I was standing in the checkout line, I noticed a number of hard candies and mints with xylitol on the label. Xylitol may help keep us slim and protect our teeth,


Lilies and Your Cat

The genesis of this week’s blog did not come from one my patients at The Animal Medical Center, but from a trip to my local Food Emporium. As I walked in through the produce section, the smell of lilies wafted towards me. They were beautiful…and deadly, at least to cats. The entire lily family, including


Kitchen Catastrophes

New pet owners often ask their veterinarian, “What is the greatest danger to my pet? Is it the dog park, the sidewalk or being cat-napped?” It may come as a surprise to you, but your kitchen holds some of the greatest dangers for your pet. Xylitol, a sweetener found in low-calorie foods, induces excessive insulin